The Village’s Street Tree Advisory Committee (STAC) was formed in 2017 in response to increasingly obvious and pervasive die back and mortality among village trees. Since its formation the STAC has worked with many local homeowners to remove dangerous limbs or trees in the public right of way as part of the Tree Risk Mitigation Program.

This year the STAC will be administering the Village Forest Management Program to help catalyze these practices and support them on an ongoing basis. The program will make financial incentives available to homeowners who maintain or plant trees in the Village right of way in accordance with the Village’s Tree Law and guidance from either the STAC, Village Arborist Dave Allen, or a certified Arborist of their choosing. Subject to program guidelines and only for trees impacting the public safety or in the public right of way, incentives of up to $500 will be available for each tree pruned and up to $100 will be available for each tree planted. Generally, incentives are intended to provide a maximum of a 50/50 match, although exceptions may be made in cases where the need is particularly urgent and immediate.

Applications can be found here will be accepted until June 31st, with expected planting or pruning dates happening in the Fall.

More information about the Street Tree Advisory Committee can be found here.