Street Tree

Among the many wonderful aspects of the Village of Trumansburg are its many street trees. Mature specimens line our streets while newer plantings aspire to the same heights alongside recent improvements to our sidewalks. While these trees provide a host of benefits to the Village that are both vast and difficult to quantify, they may also become liabilities without proper care and management.

In light of the many benefits and also possible dangers of trees in the Village, the Village Board has determined that a more comprehensive approach to tree management within the Village is warranted.  The Street Tree Advisory Committee (STAC) was established to investigate the options available to the Board to improve the health, beauty, and safety of Village trees that are owned exclusively by the Village or are in the Village right of way. To that end the STAC will be specifically tasked with the following:

  • Making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding a Village Arborist or Forester;
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding policies and procedures that may impact Villages trees, including periodic updates to the “tree ordinance”;
  • Establishing and maintaining a Village tree inventory; and,
  • Other tasks, as requested by the Board of Trustees.

The STAC members, as appointed by the Mayor, are:

Ben Carver (chair)
Karen Powers
Michael Ullberg
Marc Devokaitis
Nita Glenn

Street Tree Advisory Committee Documents

Village Forest Management Program Application - due 7/31/24

Trumansburg Tree Hunt Directions

Canopy Cover and Tree Benefits Report

Local Law 1 of 2020 – Preservation and Maintenance of Village Trees FINAL

Tree Law Summary