Go Green & Save Without Installing Panels!

Trumansburg and Ulysses have partnered on a community campaign aimed at promoting community solar use in the Town and Village. Community solar allows New York residents who do not have solar panels to subscribe to solar energy supplied by a local solar farm to a utility company (NYSEG in our area).  You will continue to receive electricity through NYSEG managed infrastructure and your monthly electric bill will look largely the same (except lower!) but your energy usage will come from renewable sources rather than powerplants whenever possible. The solar energy that your subscription share produces will appear as credits, reducing the amount owed to NYSEG.  There are flexible options and payment terms. 

For more information about plans and options follow this link: Community-Solar-Resource or visit the Ulysses Campaign site here.

Participating in the campaign by enrolling in community solar and filling out the form linked here will allow both the Town and Village to become elligible for grant money through NYSERDA that can be put towards future clean energy projects and programs. If you live in the Village, this means that your enrollment provides you with renewable energy at a cheaper rate while also helping the Village and Town - a win-win-win-win!