2022 Tax Warrant


JUNE 1, 2022

TO: Tammy Morse, Village Clerk and Tax Collector

YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to receive and collect from the several persons named in the hereunto annexed, the several sums stated in the last column hereof opposite their respective names, being a total of $1,091,194.78 for the following purposes:

For the Current Budget $1,055,977.00

For Omitted Taxes of Prev Yr _____________

For Charges of Service $0.00

For Relevied Water Rents & Chgs $17,048.37

For Relevied Sewer Rents & Chgs $18,169.41

For Relevied Special Assessments $0.00

TOTAL $1,091,194.78

YOU ARE COMMANDED to receive and collect such sums without any

Additional charges between the first day of June and the last day of June 2022, both inclusive; and thereafter to collect with additional charge of five percentum for the first month or fraction thereafter until paid.

YOU ARE FURTHER COMMANDED to file with the County Administrator on or before the fifteenth day of November 2022, and to deliver to the Board of Trustees at the same time an account of the taxes remaining due and unpaid; describing each person or persons to whom the parcel is assessed and showing as to each parcel the amount of tax unpaid to be levied to the County and Town taxes.

Rordan Hart


Tammy J. Morse

Village Clerk

Dated: June 1, 2022