Zoning Board of Appeals

Planning Board

As a requirement of State law, any village which adopts zoning laws must have a Zoning Board of Appeals. The duty of the ZBA is to act as a “quasi-judicial” board given the authority to interpret, and grant variances from, existing zoning law. ZBA members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to Board of Trustee approval, to five-year terms.


Timothy Hamilton, Chair – Term expires in 2026
Phil Carubia – Term expires in 2023
Noah Demarest – Term expires in 2024
Mike Schlossberg – Term expires in 2025
Peter Meskill – Term expires in 2027

Correspondence, comments, or questions for the Zoning Board of Appeals can be sent to the Village Office, or via email care of clerk@trumansburg-ny.gov


First Monday of each month or as needed. All meetings open to the public.