Planning Board

As a requirement of State law, any village that adopts zoning laws must have a Zoning Board of Appeals. The duty of the ZBA is to act as a “quasi-judicial” board given the authority to interpret and grant variances from, existing zoning law. ZBA members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to Board of Trustee approval, to five-year terms.


Timothy Hamilton, Chair – Term expires in 2026
Dave Breeden – Term expires in 2028
Noah Demarest – Term expires in 2029

Tony Hanson - Term expires in 2028
Mike Schlossberg – Term expires in 2025

Correspondence, comments, or questions for the Zoning Board of Appeals can be sent to the Village Office, or via email care of


First Monday of each month or as needed. All meetings are open to the public.

Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings - Archived Video Recordings