Planning Board

Established by the Board of Trustees, the Planning Board reviews site plans, subdivision plans, special permits, and other development approvals. Planning Board members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to Board of Trustee approval, to five-year terms.


Rick Geiger, Chair – Term expires in 2029
Joe Kucher – Term expires in 2025
Sarah Kennedy – Term expires in 2026
Marc Devokaitis – Term expiring in 2027
Michele Mitrani – Term expiring in 2028

Correspondence, comments, or questions for the Planning Board can be sent to the Village Office, or via email to


Fourth Thursday of each month, or as needed, at 7:00PM in the Main Meeting Room of Village Hall, 56 East Main Street, Trumansburg, NY. All meetings are open to the public.

Virtual meeting link Zoom:

Virtual meeting ID: 843 1528 9294

Pending items before the Board

Below are preliminary application materials for the proposed development at 46 South St.,  subject to further review by the Village Planning Board and its designated experts.

4.18.19 Supplemental Submittal

INHS 46 South Street Revised EAF-C1

INHS 46 South Street Revised EAF-C1 08222018 email

FEAF Part I 46 South Street Revised 9-4-18-C1-C1

46 South Street SEQR Full EAF Part 1

46 South Street SEQR Full EAF Part 2

46 South Street SEQR Full EAF Part 2_approved version

11-13-2018-Philips Lytle-46 South Street packet

VoT 46SS PB Resolution #18-__, SEQRA Determination (ND) 25 Oct 18 (FINAL)

VoT 46SS SEQRA FEAF Part 3 Analysis (FINAL)


02-21-2019 PL-46 South Street

SUP and Relief from Parking Reqs-Final 3-28-2019

Camoin Report v2 – Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis – Village of Trumansburg-Revision

20180601-Camoin Associates Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

20180322-Planning Board SEQRA Resolution Declaration of Lead Agency and Joint Public Hearing

20180315-46 South St Supplemental Submittal Materials

20180222-Planning Board Continuing SEQRA Resolution

20180219-MRB Consultant Questions for Applicant RE Subdivision and Site Plan

20180118-SEQRA Resolution Intent to Declare Lead Agency

20171215-46 South St Supplemental Submittal Materials

20171215-46 South St Preliminary Site Plan Review Submittal

20171215-46 South St Preliminary Major Subdivision Review Submittal