The Law Enforcement And Public Safety Committee was commissioned by the Mayor in 2021 as a continuation and outworking of the "NY State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative". This Collaborative was mandated by former Governor Cuomo in 2020, which required municipalities with police departments to perform a comprehensive review of police policies, practices and procedures, and develop a plan to improve the same. The resulting report can be found here: TPD Reform Plan FINAL

In an effort to build on the process and effort that went into the Collaborative, and based on the belief that Public Safety encompasses not just policing but all areas of local government, the LEAPS Committee was established. This working group is comprised of Village residents, the Mayor, Police Commissioner, and Police Chief. Regular updates are provided on initiatives proposed in the Police Reform Report, as well as updates on department operations, call volume and call type, etc. Committee members are also encouraged to bring any and all topics of interest or concern related to the Village to this group's attention.

LEAPS Committee Meeting Notes

LEAPS meeting notes 10/21/2021