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Trumansburg Deer Management Program

April 2015 - A flyover deer count is scheduled for the first week of April, weather permitting. A low flying, small engine aircraft may be seen or heard anytime from April 1 - 4, during the hours just after sunset and/or just prior to sunrise.

The goals of the Trumansburg Deer Management Program are to reduce the negative impacts of the Village’s excessive deer population; Lyme disease, car accidents and property damage. The following map shows the properties on which program activities have been approved to occur by the property owner.

The Village Board of Trustees and the NY State DEC have approved extending the Deer Management Program until April 1, 2015 and expanding the program to 100 deer. To date, the program has taken a total of 88 deer.

If you have questions or concerns about the program please contact the Village Office during normal business hours or contact Mayor Petrovic by email ( or phone (607-227-0310).

Trumansburg Deer Management Program Site Map


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